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new addition into the Rocky Nico archives

“It’s absolutely in response to the knife crime crisis that we’ve got going on,”


More than just a Football shirt... 

In the 21-22 Season Arsenal x Adidas showcased their stance and support for Anti-Knife Crime through the 'NO MORE RED' Campaign. 

(Traditionally Arsenal would wear red as the club's main home colour, removing the red is a symbol to stop the bloodshed through Knife Crime). 


The No More Red campaign sees a collaborative effort and commitment from both the Arsenal and Adidas to provide new opportunities to the Youth of London.

Youth clubs and extra curricular activities for young people are a focal point for this campaign and both brands have made investments in providing safe spaces for the youth.

Having a Youth Club to go to is so important as it is a space to express yourself and talents/ passions and it sets young people on a great path. I myself understand this through first hand-experience. Having the right mentors and people around you as a young person in London can change your life. This is why the campaign is so incredible and Football is so powerful as it provides opportunities.


SHIRT IN ACTION. Nottingham Forest (A) 09.01.22