Live and Direct to rockynico.com we hosted our 3rd Pop-Up shop on the 21st November and what a turn out it was! Thank you for all the support and encouragement. 22/26 new shirts sold out, an absolute dream to reach that many of you guys!


Due to covid-19 and lockdown measures being extremely strict, the government urged to close retailers & shops which resulted in us not being able to host a Pop-Up shop in the Arsenal Area. I figured we had to adapt along with the others, hereby we brought it to you online! Not only is the Pop-Up great to showcase the new products & items, the most important and key aspect of it from the beginning was to bring fans together! In the build up to Christmas it would have been a dream to meet up with the fans again during the festive period where the vibe is like no other, but again with the measures being taken it is pretty much impossible to have done so. 


Therefore we came up with a way which amplified this to be as good as the other pop-ups making it as immersive as possible again. 

Located in the heart of North London home to The Arsenal and my Pop-Up shop we brought the website to the public! Accessible to every Arsenal fan we brought the stock to let everyone embrace the grails in the flesh. Stay updated on this page for future events & scenes in the future!