2005-06 Deadstock Full Kit

Calling all fellow collectors! -

Releasing 27.03.2021 2pm (BST)

As we approach a full one year since starting (25th April 2020) this will be among one of the most breathtaking pieces to date & I am proud to bring a full kit from our final season at Highbury.

Deadstock - All Brand New and with their Original Tags & Bags the 2005-06 Full Kit remains untouched.

The Pack Contains:

2005-06 Home Shirt (Thierry Henry 14) - XL

2005-06 Home Shorts - XL

2005-06 Player Socks - M

2005-06 Burgundy & White FREE Wristband

2004-05 FA Cup Finals Jens Lehmann Glossy Photos

Relive the memories from our youth with seeing Burgundy and white flood the crowds of Highbury and represented by our icons on the green turf.

Thierry Henry‘s iconic Gold nameset features on the back of the shirt with the Player Sized BPL patches as seen exactly in the merchandise brochure.