2019-20 Arsenal NHS x Black Lives Matter

5 Pieces up for grabs Friday 6pm

Size List:

Saka - M x2

Pepe - L

Tierney - M

Aubameyang - L

It is safe to say that the entirety of the year 2020 was a strange one! Particularly in the world of football & for Arsenal fans.

We started off the year with hope by having a new manager in Mikel but then to see a sudden halt to the season due to COVID-19, it really drained us as fans. Our hopes of top 4 was in question as we were unsure if the league was returning & without a return we wouldn't have seen a FA Cup Win.

Thankfully, we saw a return to the 19-20 Season & we had a different look! It was not just the aesthetic that was significant but it was what each vinyl/ patch represented & the meanings taken from them.

The 'Black Lives Matter' patch spoke a million words, with the message being so prominent in society. During Late Spring/ Summer a Civil Rights Movements was occurring with citizens from all over the country + world uniting against Racial Inequalities. For the Athletes to wear this on the pitch it played a huge role in acknowledging global issues.

The NHS vinyl - another significant acknowledgment. During the pandemic our eyes as UK citizens really widened & we witnessed the importance of the National Health Service. During a time of a global pandemic their recognition and praises couldn't be missed as they are so vital to us.