2020/21 Season

Where to begin... what a way to end the season with an FA Cup on August 1. Even within one of the most doomed seasons & the biggest dip we’ve seen in decades yet we still somehow found a way to salvage glory! People may think we’re a joke of a club & it’s more than clear that our owner is absent half the time but tradition prevails & we took some glory from Wembley. We know its‘s not a league title where we definitely should be but it’s always nice to bring our cup home! Silverware is silverware.

Looking into things consciously it’s evident that we have a Prodigy in Arteta, he’s stepped into an extremely competitive world among other managers and has already achieved levels of greatness. Honestly, first I was extremely pessimistic and definitely not in favour of his appointment but over time I have been sold the vision, I have trusted the process & understood that Rome & any other empire wasn‘t built in a day. Its clear he has a hunger & killer mentality & there‘s going to be some peaks and valleys along the way! That’s the mentality I have right now and it’s just fact that the journey will be flawed but my instinct tells me he will shine.

So! Going on to my prediction of this upcoming season I believe we will have a season of

where we‘re very competitive Vs the Big Dogs/ the big 6 although complacency may be our achilles heel against the lower teams. That’s something that has come to haunt us within some of Wenger’s final seasons!

Table pos: 4th - Why? I definitely believe that we have the potential to succeed due to our squad depth! Depth within the squad has been our flaw although this upcoming season we seem to have competition in each position & that equals to players getting the best out of each other + team hustle. Just above us in this order will be City, Chelsea (With their cash injection) & with Liverpool at the top! We have a fine balance between a young & experienced squad & they can help see us way back into the top 4. Man U probably won’t be in the equation with their edgy defence & with their inept manager in Ole. Past season was a fluke and used their pen merchant in Bruno to lead the way. 👎🏼

We’ve got this!