A Day @ Highbury

Highbury Meet Up!

Since I started the website and building the page up I always thought giving back to the community was always something which was needed! I’ve done a few giveaways via Instagram but I thought this time why not do it in person - in the heart of North London, The Arsenal. Watch my stories tomorrow morning as something sick is going to happen & stay tuned for further details. 💯

After the Pop-Up weekend the interaction I received and the energy we took from it was something else, what an experience honestly. It taught me that I don’t wanna just impact people’s day, week or even month - I’d like to immerse them into a bubble of Arsenal that will live with them for eternity.

Tomorrow will be another experience, rather than just giving the opportunity to purchase BNWT Highbury shirts @ the Ol Highbury I’d like to share moments which will live with us all forever.

UP THE GUNNERS. Hope to see you there tomorrow

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