Arsenal Shirts Collection

Ever since I started to share and receive pictures and videos of fans’ Arsenal shirt collections it has left me with the conclusion of how important and meaningful these shirts truly are.

I’m massively fascinated by the support that our club holds & the amount of power that these shirts contain. Despite the ups & downs of our club the one thing that brings us all together are these shirts. These shirts and clothes does bring us together as 1 regardless of what's going on within the club. The community has grown within the last week or two with people sharing what they have a massive passion for & that is the collections they’ve built up over time. The players we’ve had over the years e.g. Adams, Wrighty, Bergkamp & Henry their legacies are so strong and with these being the popular shirts it goes to show how they are such huge icons and their praises shall forever be sung. They bring us such great nostalgia and happiness and these kits do hold such great value which makes our endorphins go crazy. 😂

I hope to carry out this harmonious energy and encourage everyone to embrace the history of our club through rocking these amazing shirts!