Arsenal Trading Cards

Never would I have thought that I’d see the day where collecting Sports Cards would become such a prominent hobby in my life again. It was only 15 years ago where I was stoked to open up a packet of Match Attax in my local newsagents hoping to unveil any Arsenal player!

During the course of lockdown I’ve reignited the passion to collect anything Arsenal, so whether that be clothing (of course), mugs & now Sports Cards! Just when you think our Arsenal addictions couldn’t get any worse... I have been copping anything I see with our badge and the fact I have now gone into cards makes it serious lol.

I think it’s a cool thing for us all to get into as a community again as these things are so sentimental to our childhoods (if you did collect) - but even so it’s never too late to get into it now. They’re like time capsules, they will most probably never die, as time goes by we’ll probably appreciate them even more as the older they get, the rarer they become. There’s just something about these photos of players captured mid-game which just enhances the love and respect for the player.

Just look at this Adams one, it’s just brutal 😂

Keep an eye on this space and have a look at the new page started up for an insight of what’s floating about 👀❤️