FA Cup Finals 2020 Saka & Tierney Home Shirts BNWT

Releasing: 7pm (UK) Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Greatness was achieved on 1st August 2020 where we took on Chelsea to reign supreme in a 2-1 victory. Led by Aubameyang's brace and a full team commitment to break down the Blues' side, we never failed to mark our territory on the City of London.

These 2 shirts are insanely rare and will forever be a part of our history.

The names featured: Kieran Tierney (Size Large) - Being one of our most influential players to grace the Left Back position since Ashley Cole. Kieran was most definitely one of the most important throughout the FA Cup campaign playing in the Back 3 which stood solid both in the Semis vs Man City and of course the Finals. On more than a couple of occasions Kieran would make game-changing passes from the left flank to feed our serial striker Aubameyang, he was pivotal in our route to success.

Bukayo Saka (Size Medium) - The young prodigy's shirt from the finals will be an incredible one to attain. Saka didn't make an appearance for the finals although he did feature among the substitutes, therefore a shirt was definitely issued to him on the day. Saka was very consistent throughout the competition when he got the opportunity to shine. One great performance was our Quarter-Finals matchup against Sheffield United.

All in all what a successful competition for us, not only succeeding 14 Times in the competition but it being one of the most iconic and certainly an incredibly memorable Final. Considering it being following our first National Lockdown, being in a society where there was so much happening with Racial Equality + its awareness, seeing more mental health causes, this win truly had a huge positive impact on our fanbase. On the shirt we see the BLM, NHS & Heads Up patches not only creating an amazing aesthetic but the meanings and representations behind it contained a huge prominence on the shirt & everything going on outside the world of football. It was more than just a cup finals.

The Celebrations were one to remember for sure. London was Red

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