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First NLD! Arsenal (3) Sp*rs (1)

I wasn’t quite sure with how to begin with this blog piece but let’s start off with the hatred for Sp*rs we all have & where mine has stemmed from. Growing up in Holloway North London by the Emirates & Highbury there’s no other place that I could ever call home, people can say what they want about our area being run-down but there’s just something about our noisy neighbours that makes this place here look like heaven to me. While being a whisker away from Tottenham too, having to commute within Seven Sisters and other areas around it there’s no stench that is worse from that side of North. I can see the pollution in the air when they have a matchday - with their mucky white t-shirts with that cock & ball barely standing upright! It’s just wrong. On a standard day in Holloway you’d get the odd Sp*rs shirt and nothing can rile me up more with the fact they have the decency to think that they can pull it off in our territory when they’ve won fuck all… Yes I am that petty😂. They’re just a scummy club menace of a club… god forbid I had any relatives who supported them. The rivalry runs deep, I can even hear a Sp*rs voice from a mile away.

Anyway… onto the day! Today was a sweet day, harmony in fact. I don’t think a second went by where there wasn’t a melody being sung by the crowd, especially where I was sat. Going into the game I got relatively ‘cheap’ tickets for what was available for the game (which was £70) with what I thought came with a catch - of being next to their fans! I was sceptical I must admit, I thought their shitty fanbase would be up for it, especially if they score first like they typically do but today we came out from the get-go. Firing at all cylinders & all guns blazing we took it to them! We was up for it and silenced their chants in the first few minutes. We ran riot on them, there’s no better sensation than waving 👋 & signalling all sorts of immoral stuff their way before the half is even over🖕🏼🤌🏼. Some of their fans threw in the towel and left a few mins before HT😂. It’s funny, I’m quite an empathetic person 90% of the time but the 10% remaining is reserved for them lot, no guilt, no remorse!

Going onto the performance I thought our players looked hungry, they had a fire in their belly and we were roaring. The energy from the crowd was certainly reciprocated and even though the tides have been tough this season they weathered whatever storm we’ve been through and got the job done for us. I kept thinking why couldn’t we play with this tenacity — this ferocity every single game, the talent is there… we have some special talent:

Beginning with Smith Rowe, just unbelievable today! Juvenile to them but a hero to us. He was so slick with his goal and passing and just to think he’s only so young, there’s been times this season where I’ve been at the games & I’ve taken a glance over at him just to acknowledge that he’s only the same age as me (if not younger) and he’s carrying that big OneZero on his back. It weighs heavy, but today he carried it with pride & if you saw what he said after you’d know just how much it means to him. “The best day of my life” - ESR on Instagram. He truly donned that shirt today, the future is so bright with him at our club. A joy to watch out on the left-hand side & drifting in ⚡️

I’m not sure what it was though but Aubameyang today ⚡️⚡️. Was it because he was in the presence of the King, Thierry Henry (who was in a box with Ek btw 👀)? I am not sure what it was, but that’s the type of striker we want to see, he was always going to start this game and he came to be true for us🙌🏼.

I could go into every single player from this game and pick apart the excellence of their contributions to the team, so all the other 9 players get notable mentions from me😅.

To round this off:

I hate to get ahead of my self but is this a glimpse of our future? This team is stacked with talent and it goes to show they’re capable enough to pull these results together, it’s just about maintaining consistency & to be able keep on moving forward. As others are saying now and rightfully so, Brighton will be a huge test for us and I think we can pull through and go at them ❤️

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