WhoDuNelson - For the Love of Arsenal

Setting his mark on the Arsenal Vintage scene WhoDuNelson creatively delivers a breathtaking project, showcasing his prized possessions... Arsenal shirts!

That’s right, this project encapsulates all in which Nelson is truly passionate about; starting with Arsenal, his interest in Fashion & Sneakers and just pure family vibes. The inclusion of a range of aspiring Models and fellow creative talent is what really amplifies this project. There is nothing better than a collective group really capturing the moment and embracing multiple cultures.

Nelson doesn’t fail to showcase the power of Arsenal shirts through his Photography shots. He grabbed moments of joy, happiness and love as his peers in Germany donned these epic pieces. He utilises the shirts in great & imaginable ways

What a project! Catch one of our recent Podcast/ mini-interview with Nelson as we talk Arsenal, the culture of Football & Sneakers with Gav!

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