Why investing in Football Shirts can be better than putting money into the stock market!

During the Covid-19 pandemic/ Lockdown I went through a period of thinking of things to do whilst I was bored, until it dawned on me to just research further into what I’m really passionate about. I went into Wrestling Archives & Movies but it never moved me the same way looking at old Football matches did for me. So I’d sit there for hours watching old Arsenal Matches on YouTube like our famous Old Trafford win & realising how valuable they are. Especially now in a time where we have lots of time to kill going back in the Vaults of our past is a great thing to do, it unveils so much nostalgia & lets us re live breathtaking memories.

Within this lockdown period and having taken my time to look into what I love, I’m probably not the only one who did this! Just setting my eyes on the 2000-01 Gold Sega shirt from our victory at OT just captured me and gave me the urge to start collecting a range of Arsenal shirts! It is not only valuable in the sense of having it physically, but it’s the memories & the power of nostalgia it creates. One major factor in the reasons why we love them more is because we will never stop associating our greatest shirts with victory or the icons who played in them.

Just like sports cards! The prices have sky rocketed due to the fact we have all used this time during quarantine to retreat to the things we once adored & re discover our old passions! Like football shirts, we grew up with them & we are almost lured back into them as we rediscover our passions. Now football has become even more important to us in the midst of quarantine + lockdown, within society too!

The demand for shirts and prices are only getting higher as they become rarer and sought for, therefore rather than investing in companies & stocks, building a great collection of shirts you will be guaranteed to receive greater profits or turnover within a year or even a couple of months! With putting money into the Stock Market and betting on certain companies to grow, culture & sports is really captivating and it is something which will never die in society, even if it is put on hold for a little while again! But aside from being able to build value, it really is the sentiment that actually counts too!

With a documentary of the great Invincibles on the horizon I could only imagine how popular those shirts will become! If you are looking to cash in I suggest gathering a mini collection of them now while they are at decent prices before we see. substantial growth in value.

Going back in the past has never brought so much value and nostalgia and it will continue to grow for generations ahead!